Posted by Alexander on 25/05/2018

Akbar the Great - the first Blumer

How would Akbar the Great have fared in the modern workplace?  I suspect this 17th Century artist, writer, carpenter, animal trainer, warrior, technologist and emperor, would have felt a little constrained by our current working practices.   

Unlike Akbar, very few of us do more than one job at a time.  Whether through luck or design employers prefer monogamous relationships with their employees.

Part-time work is on the rise (home-working technology helps) but is usually driven either by the needs of the employer or else by the desire (or necessity) of the employee to spend time doing things other than work like looking after children.  Not many people ask their employers to go part time in order to pursue their animal training career.

This is not a natural state of being.  Human beings have a wide variety of interests and skills and the chances of these being fulfilled by one job are minimal.  As we all live longer, healthier lives serial monogamy is becoming more widespread.  For example ‘Now Teach’ offers teacher training for experienced people looking for a new challenge later on in their careers.

At Blume, we offer the polygamous work lifestyle.  We’re not of course suggesting you offer to have a crack at some complex legal contract just because you enjoy watching legal dramas.  But we hope that Blume can be a platform for the skills and interests you might not have used in your career so far.  And of course you can always check out the task board to find a range of random things that might grab your fancy.  To promote this polygamy we shall shortly launch a crafts category where you will be able to showcase the more creative skills you have to offer whether it be knitting or indeed the carpentry techniques of Akbar the Great.

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