Posted by Alexander on 01/04/2018

The April Blumpdate

As advertised, here is your April Blumpdate, which will take you on a quick jerky gallop through what's going on, hopefully without unseating you.

Blogs: we have three blogs recently posted and plenty more to come.

If you have something you are burning to say and think that Blume might be a good place to say it then do get in touch as we are always on the look out for interesting content.

Tasks: we are now seeing more and more tasks being posted so it’s well worth checking the Task Board regularly. Current tasks include digitising photographs, updating websites, gardening in various forms and transcribing some old letters. Recent tasks included a request for a naked cleaner. This was not a vacancy we helped fill.

The Blume Choir: There is, as yet, no Blume choir but there IS a Blume song. We will be recording it in June – date tbd – and use it as an excuse to have a party. So if you like parties or can sing, or, better still, both, then please come along. It’s almost worth blocking out all of June just to be sure that you can come when we do have the date. The venue – with apologies to all non-London dwellers - is likely to be in West London. Perhaps if it’s a hit we will do a national tour.

GDPR: For those who don’t know, this is a terrific piece of legislation which means that organisations like ours have to be clear about how we use your data and make it very easy for you to stop us using it if you don’t like it. It is also a bit of a faff to implement and I just wanted to warn you that we will be sending our GDPR email around soon asking whether you want to continue receiving these emails.

We can now relax into a gentle trot just to say please get in touch if you have any questions or comments. It is lovely to hear from you particularly while we are still in our early stages.

Yours blumingly,

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