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Training: A demo - bid writing with AI

Posted by Alex on 21/05/2024

  • Small charity with no time for bid-writing?
  • Heard about AI bid-writing but don't know where to start?
  • Can’t afford an expensive system?

Then this is the session for you!

Blume has teamed up with Alex Evans to create a fast-track demo on using AI to support your bid writing. AI will not write your bids for you – but it can be a powerful tool to help you increase your productivity!

The session will guide you through the process of integrating free and low-cost AI tools into your bid-writing activities, emphasising practical application over theory. Alex will show you the key opportunities AI tools offer and ways to overcome their challenges
  • Create bids in half the time
  • Edit, refine, analyse, and create ideas - fast
  • Create multiple versions with specific word counts
  • Find and use the data you need to make your points
  • Spend more time helping people, and less time writing bids!

All with cheap, easily available tools.

This is an essential training session for charities who want to use AI technology in their fundraising efforts. 

In this short clip, Alex shares how and why he uses AI when he is writing bids

And in this clip Alex shows you how you can use AI to move from general to more specific descriptions.

It's time to stop discussing the 'what' and press on with the 'how'
Next training session: 10.00-12.00, 26th June
Cost: £40


About Alex

Recommended Blumer, Dr Alex Evans has worked in Civil Society for 25 years. He has held positions of Chief Executive and Director at several charities, where he has usually been responsible for fundraising, either alone or managing a team. Alex has also worked closely with grant-makers at strategic and operational levels, including grants assessment.

A lifetime tech geek, Digital and IT innovations have formed a consistent strand throughout Alex's work, both in delivery and research, including developing a tech innovations enterprise for St Mungo’s, extensive development of multimedia technology training for young people, and most recently, research into innovative uses of IT to support older people in the UK supported by Dunhill Medical Trust. He has also been married to an AI and machine learning specialist for 29 years.

Contact Alex if you are interested in working with him.