The December Blumpdate

Welcome to the December Blumpdate, where we will dash you through the snow whilst un-bleaking your mid-winter.

As always much to share:

  • The Specialists - we have been busy recruiting lots of Blumers in HR, Finance and Admin using our new CV format. If you are one of the new Blumers, welcome! And if you are an existing Blumer who has skills to offer in these areas then it's worth going back into your task area and fill out the new-look form in any of these areas.

  • The Marketing ... - in January and February we will be shouting about Blume from the rooftops. In particular we will be directing our bellows towards charities, smes and start-ups. If you know any smes, charities or start-ups who might be interested in Blume services then please get in touch and I will send them our bumpf.

  • A glamorous photo-shoot - as part of this effort our colleague Sarah will be leading a social media campaign focused around promoting Blumers on twitter. If you are interested in being one of these Blumers (and getting some professional photographs which you can use for your own devices) then come along to our offices on the afternoon of January 17th. There will be tea, coffee and delicious cakes from one of our local bakeries and it would be lovely to meet you properly. Numbers will be limited so please let me know if you're interested by email. Our address is 20 London Lane Hackney, London E8 3PR.

  • Countdown - a slightly less important date is March 28th. Not only is it the day before Brexit but it is also the day when my appearance on Countdown will be beamed to the nation. Did I win? Well all I'm saying is that I was up against a five time - yes FIVE time - champion called Stephen but Nick Hewer did seem very interested in Blume.

  • Calling charity accountants - we are particularly keen on finding finance professionals who have experience of working with charities and know their SORP from their soap then do tell them about us.

  • The fireside chat - this is a new feature which enables buyers who either want informal advice or else aren't quite sure what they want to hire Blumers for a chat. No fireside necessary but we hope that this will be a nice, easy way for organisations to connect with Blumers.

And (of course) finally, with all that talk of firesides, we'd like to wish you a very happy, warm and cosy Christmas and New Year. See you in 2019!

Yours blumingly,


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