Four facts and one trend

... why we launched Blume

We did a lot of research and spoke to huge numbers of people before deciding to launch Blume. 

We decided to press go partly because we became certain that the workplace must get better at employing over-50’s. 

Four facts lie behind this certainty: 

1.      We are living longer.  In the next twenty years the number of over-65s in the UK will grow by 6 million to 17 million.  Or to put it another way within the next twenty years almost a quarter of the population will be over-65. 

2.      We are rubbish at employing older people... 80% of 50 year olds are in work but this declines to 60% of 60 year olds and just 30% of 65 year olds.  

3.      …but the economy needs older people.  At current rates older people will vacate 14.5 million jobs by 2022 but just 7 million new people will enter the workplace.   There are huge gaps to be filled! 

4.      …and surveys suggest that many older people want to carry on working (but preferably part time); for example 4.8 million 65 to 70 year olds would like to be working but just 1.2 million currently are working.    

The other reason we pressed go – the trend – is the growth of the gig economy.  The gig economy provides the flexibility and variety which many older workers are looking for and it also gives employers an easy way to access a wide range of experience.

Now we just have to make it work for everyone in the real world.

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