I have to write this blog but you don’t have to read it

I’m not happy to be doing this. Writing a blog takes a lot of time and effort. Then you hold your nose, press publish and have to let the world see it. It takes quality time too. You can’t rely on your dribbly end of the day brain to put coherent words together. So here I am writing this blog for you during the very limited non-dribbly brain time of the day. But you probably won’t read it. Which probably doesn’t matter much.

Blume recently put together a list of the tasks that organisations know they ought to get round to doing but rarely do.

It was based on our own data as well as data from other gig economy websites. The demand for blogging is very high, particularly amongst small businesses. If your business depends in any way on its digital presence then this makes sense. Content pushes you up the search engines – even without lots of readers - and brings you customers from places you could never reach conventionally. A good piece of content can also be used and reused across a website, your facebook page, twitter, Instagram and any other platform you fancy having a crack at. And yet for all the reasons I’ve grumbled about above it is understandable that small organisations – and for that matter larger organisations - don’t get round to doing it.

Lyndon runs Lou’s Pots and Pans, a small but rapidly growing take-away for Caribbean-American Soul Food. Almost all his business comes online but he worries that his customer base is too narrow and in particular uniformly young. He sees online content as a way of dealing with this. ‘I want to tell the world about our food because I think it will help us reach older customers who are really interested in trying new food.’

If you’d like somebody else to write stellar content for you then try out one of our Blumers. They will save you time and probably a lot of grumpiness.

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