Posted by Alexander on 30/06/2018

The June Blumpdate

Welcome to the June Blumpdate, where we guide you through the group stages of our news and hope you stick with us through the knock-out phases and all the way to the final.

Community Legend

We have been selected to be one of ten community legends in a scheme supported by Legal & General and Crowdfunder.  They give us matched funding towards a crowdfunding campaign.  And we are looking for a Blumer to help us run it.  Details are on the task board.


While we're on the subject of the task board, you’ll have noticed that it is not brimming with tasks at the moment. Our attentions have been elsewhere as we continue to build the foundations for Blume. You will see the fruits of some of these in the site upgrade that we are releasing and others you will see over time.  But the main message is please bear with us – we are very confident that we will be able to drum up lots of work given how many fantastic blumers there are.

Site upgrade

Edward, our technology director has been beavering away on a new upgrade. Like a top class football referee, lots of his good work will go unnoticed but you will see improvements in the dialogue boxes (including real time chat), the process for posting tasks, and the social media links. 

New categories

In response to feedback (and as part of the upgrade) we have rejigged some of the task categories and are launching two new sections: "Teaching" and "Crafts and Hobbies".  If you have skills that you'd like to offer in these areas then please go into your profile and add them to your task list.


Two new blogs since the last blumpdate


We will shortly be hiring two full time jobs at Blume. We are looking for a community manager and a developer. Details will appear on our site soon.

The Blume Choir

We have a date, 6 PM TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 11TH, we have a choir director, we have a videographer, we have a song, and we almost have a venue (probably West London).  Please put it in your diaries whether or not you can sing.  This will double as a party – and you can always mime.


It felt odd not to include GDPR on our blumpdate. So here it is for a valedictory appearance. We have nothing to report on it but are very grateful to you all for filling in your various forms.  Thank you.



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