The May Blumpdate

Welcome to the May Blumpdate which will whirl you up the aisle of our latest news.

AVAILABLE TASKS: The usual enticingly random mix at the moment.  Could you build an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven?  If not then perhaps you can help with some technology tasks like transferring an old Mac to new Mac, or setting up websites and blogs.  Have a look at the task board for the latest.

PROFILE TIP: Most people search for Blumers directly rather than post tasks.  To make yourself more searchable (and findable) visit your Blume profile and click on 'My Tasks'.  There you can select all the tasks you want to offer, write up your experience and decide how much you want to charge. 

FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  You may have noticed a change in the amount of activity on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts as we move into our second phase of recruiting new blumers. We'll be promoting new tasks, showcasing blumers of the week and encouraging people to book tasks daily, as well as pushing our commitment to eradicating workplace ageism. If you don't follow us, please do, and be sure to chat to us and post / tag yourself completing tasks. And of course, like and retweet us to the rafters!

OUR PEOPLE: The blume family is growing. Our agent of change on social media is third sector and marketing specialist Leeanne Boulton. Pop over to social and say hi and let us know if there's anything new you'd like to see.

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SERIOUS IMPACT: Blume has just been accepted onto Allia's Serious Impact Incubator for 2018 which provides support for organisations trying to achieve serious, large-scale impact. It's very encouraging that informed and experienced people support and believe in what we are doing. This is unlikely to affect you directly but we wanted you to know that you're part of a movement that's creating social change for the better.

BLUME CHOIR UPDATE: We've sourced a conductor and a venue but we haven't yet agreed a date. The search for the choir continues apace. Amongst the Blumers I've spoken to recently has been a professional singer and somebody who was told he sounded like a goat aged twelve and hasn't hummed a note since. So we're still on course but it may slip a little to July.

TALK TO ME: Every Tuesday afternoon I talk to as many Blumers as I can (many thanks to those who have spoken to me so far). If you have any questions, feedback or comments – or even more remarkably – would just like a chat, please drop me a line and we'll book a slot. And feel free to audition for the choir down the telephone.

GDPR: No email these days is complete without a final, desperate GDPR lunge. So here it is. If you received the GDPR reminder yesterday then please Log in now and click the necessary box otherwise you'll be removed from the Blume marketing list. Which means you'll miss out on task updates and opportunities.  If you haven't received one, then don't worry you're already in! 

There. We've made it to the altar in one piece.

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