The October Blumpdate

Welcome to the October blumpdate - what better way to use five minutes of the extra autumnal hour you're about to gain?

Even more than usual to share.

First and foremost, THANK you to everyone who turned up and sang their hearty best for the Blume Choir Performance. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to say a particular thank you to Blumers Norma for organising the event so effectively and Henry for filming it so expertly. We are not expecting to win a Grammy but a nomination would be nice.

The Blume Plan: we've been thinking and talking more than doing in the last few weeks and I wanted to share the fruits with you. Over the next six months we are going to be flaunting Blume primarily to charities, local authorities and start-ups. Why? We know that these organisations like what we are doing, we know that they are inspiring and interesting organisations to work with and we also know that they have lots of needs we can meet. In particular we will be focusing on supporting them in finance, hr, events and administration. We will continue to meet all other demands but this is where our energies will be directed.

Competition. We are working with a partner (more to be revealed) to see if Blumers can help vulnerable people later in life with things like: technology, form-filling, physical tasks, running errands, moving home or even dealing with the administration around the death of a loved one. The trouble is we don't have a name for it. It sort of fits in the virtual assistant box but this feels a little impersonal and restrictive. Any brilliant ideas? The prize is a good one - our eternal gratitude and lots of credit.

Advantages of Age. Speaking of partnerships it's worth having a look at the Advantages of Age Business Academy. It is a "pay what you can afford" course designed to help over-50's set up and run a business. The next session is on October 17th so do sign up if you're around.

Site updates. Edward has been making huge improvements to the site. You will notice that your personal home page looks very different and much more suave. We have also been redefining the CV! The standard CV format does not make the most of all the experience that over-50's can bring to a role. We have designed a new way of doing it, initially for Accounting, which we will roll-out to other areas over the next few months.

Blog: I spoke last week at the Recruitment Expo in Birmingham on the subject "Why the Multi-Generational Workforce always wins". You can read my blog to find out what that actually means and much more besides:

As ever, if you have any thoughts or commments please get in touch. Thanks for reading and enjoy the remaining 55 minutes of your extra hour




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