Twelve months of Blume

To my horror, it’s recently dawned on me that we launched Blume more than a year ago.  I’ve been telling people it was six months for ages.

Anniversaries are good for navel gazing and parties.  We will be having a party on September 11th - invitations coming soon - and here are five thoughts gleaned from gazing at the Blume navel.

1. Our hunch that there are large numbers of hugely talented, under-employed enthusiastic over-50's is spot on. The numbers suggested this was the case and it has been one of the nicest parts of the experience so far to discover that this is indeed the case. It has been an utter pleasure to meet, talk to and work with so many Blumers. Thank you.

2. Older and experienced are pretty dreadful words to apply to people in the context of employment.  The former carries baggage much as we wish it didn’t and the latter is euphemistic (though we’re probably going to carry on using it). When we describe Blumers now we talk about people who are over-50 and - if we're trying to by funny - we add that they have to be under 150

3. People really want us to succeed. Of course the Blumers want us to succeed, but another of our hunches which has borne fruit is that organisations would be interested in partnering with us partly because we are unusual (and slightly worthy - that definitely helps and rightly so), and partly because we are offering something valuable. It has been very easy for us to talk to lots of major organisations and we are hopeful that this will yield terrific results soon. Watch this space.

4. Nobody admits they can sing. My favourite part of the telephone conversation I have with Blumers is asking whether or not they can sing (and therefore be part of the Blume choir).  "I've been told I'm out of this world and should stay there", is a fairly typical response. Well, let’s see what happens on September 11th. 

5. It is taking longer than we thought it would. This is a pretty banal observation and I'm not even sure it’s correct. Edward and I knew it would take a while to build momentum. We are building both sides of the marketplace and that takes time, energy, smarts and a bit of luck - but we are well on our way.

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