Free support for Charities


We are offering 1,000 hours of free support from Blumers to help Charities deal with the consequences of Coronavirus.  

Experienced Charity Accountants, HR professionals, Fundraisers, Copywriters, and Office Administrators are all on hand to support you with pressing tasks.

For example so far our Blumers have been asked to:

  • Reforecast cashflows and budgets
  • Manage the furlough process
  • Write fundraising bids
  • Put finance systems in place for handling new grants
  • Write impact reports for donors
  • Provide administrative support to fundraising efforts
  • Develop policies for working online


We are offering each charity up to 16 hours - or two days - of free support.

If you are interested please contact us with details of what you want as soon as you can.  It doesn't have to be a perfectly worded email! 

We will get back to you within one working day to discuss what you need.  We will then match you with a Blumer who will be able to begin work immediately. 




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