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Fundraising Opportunities

Funding opportunities

Every fortnight Rebecca sends out a list of the latest funds available.  

If you would like help finding funds or completing bids then please contact Rebecca or any of our other fundraising experts.

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List of available funds – May 5th 2021


National and International


The Souter Charitable Trust

Relief of human suffering in the UK and abroad.

Average one-off grant between £1,000 - £3,000.

Trustees meet monthly.  No deadlines.


The Waterloo Foundation

4 areas of grant programmes – World Development, Environment, Child Development and Wales.

Currently have a restricted number of open grant programmes due to COVID-19.

Each programme area has different deadlines, but all detailed on the website.

One off and multi-year grants available between £50,000 - £100,000 in total.


The Yapp Charitable Trust

Elderly people, Children and young people aged 5 – 25, People with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges, Social welfare and Education and Learning.

Multi year funding up to 3 years for ongoing core funding to small charities with an annual expenditure of under £40,000.  Grants are usually for £3,000 per year.

Applications assessed 3 times per year at Trustees meetings.


Lloyds Bank Foundation

England and Wales

Funding small and medium size charities working to overcome complex social issues. Organisations must have an income of between £25,000 and £1 million.

Core funding grant of £50,000 for two years.  Currently no deadline for applications


Barrow Cadbury Trust

Work directed at national change.  Local projects in Birmingham.

Programmes: Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Migration.  They also have a social investment programme.

Requires submitting an online enquiry for prior to being invited to submit an application.

No minimum or maximum grant size stated.


Garfield Weston Foundation

UK Charities

Welfare, Youth, Community, Arts, Faith, Environment, Education, Health and Museums and Heritage.

Fund Capital, project and core costs.

Regular grants programme is open all year for grants under £100,000


Windrush Community Fund

UK Charities, community and grassroots organisations

Funding to support activities that promote and raise awareness of the Windrush Scheme, the Windrush Compensation Scheme, or both, to members of your community who can apply for them.

Maximum grant £25,000

Deadline for phase 2 is 30th June 2021


The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

UK Charities

2021 Projects supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

Grant round 3 open 1st – 31st July. Grant amount £1,000

Grand round 4 open 1st – 30th September.  Grant amount £5,000

In 2022 the priorities will be  the Arts: Young People and BAME communities



Volant Charitable Trust – COVID 19 response

UK and International Charities

Focus on alleviating social deprivation and supporting vulnerable groups.

Project and core cost funding – amounts at discretion of Trustees.

Deadline 31st July 2021


The Joffe Charitable Trust

UK registered charities

Organisations that help achieve either of these two objectives: 

1. To work with civil society leaders to build effective movements that position the UK as a leading positive influence in the fields of global tax justice and financial integrity.

2. To support new and existing civil society leaders to build effective and sustainable non-profit organisations that strengthen partnership between the UK and lower income countries.

Grants of between £5,000 - £30,000 per year for up to 3 years.

No deadline – application is via enquiry in the first instance.


John Ellerman Foundation

Arts, Environment and Social Action

UK Wide impact for all areas and a small number of grants for environment work in UK overseas territories.

Core and project funding.  No maximum grant award.


The Inman Charity

Special interest in Medical research, Care of the elderly, General welfare, Hospices, The Deaf and Blind, Care of the physically & mentally disabled, The Armed Forces

Specific project funding. Generally grants from £3,000 - £5,000.  Applications assessed at Trustees meetings


The Steel Charitable Trust

UK with a particular interest in Bedfordshire

Arts and Heritage, Health, Education, Environment, Social or Economic disadvantage

Project, capital and core grants from £2,500 to £25,000.  Applications assessed quarterly at Trustees meetings.


James Tudor Foundation

Currently only accepting applications for Health Education , Relief of Sickness and from UK charities working overseas for the relief of human sickness.

Project costs approximately £10,000 maximum grant. No application deadline.


Garfield Weston Foundation  - regular grants programme.

UK wide

Welfare, Youth, Community, Arts, Faith, Environment, Education, Health and Museums & Heritage.

Capital, Core and project costs. Maximum Grant £100,000 – no deadline.


Weavers Company Benevolent Fund

UK wide

Priorities: Supporting offenders and ex-offenders, particularly those under 30 years of age and Helping disadvantaged young people (5-30).

Maximum Grant £15,000.  No deadline as applications considered 3 times per year.


National Endowment for Democracy NED

International – check region for the type of work they will fund in that area.

Priorities: Promote and defend human rights and the rule of law, Support freedom of information and independent media, Strengthen democratic ideas and values, Promote accountability and transparency, Strengthen civil society organizations, Strengthen democratic political processes and institutions, Promote civic education, Support democratic conflict resolution, Promote freedom of association, Strengthen a broad-based market economy

Next deadline 25th June 2021. Average grant amount US$50,000


Area Specific

Canada Fund For Local Initiatives (CFLI)

Zimbabwe, Botswana and Angola

Priorities: Inclusive governance; Gender equality and empowerment; Human dignity and Environment

Grants between CAN$25,000 – CAN$35,000

Deadline 17th May 2021


Further CFLI open opportunities can be found here:



Recycle for Greater Manchester Fund

Greater Manchester community and voluntary sector organisations

Projects to reduce household waste.

Two funding schemes available:  Specific council areas maximum £10,000 per project; More than one council area or covering all 9 maximum £20,000 per project.

Deadline 31st May 2021


Volant Trust – Open Grants Programme

Projects in Scotland only

Projects must demonstrate a strong focus on supporting women and children affected by hardship or disadvantage and on tackling the issues they face in order to make a lasting difference to their lives and life chances.

Maximum Grant amount £15,000 per annum for up to 3 years.

No deadline for applications.


Rothschild Foundation

Supporting residents of Buckinghamshire

Covid-19 Support Fund – support for communities disproportionately disadvantaged by COVID-19

Grants between £5,000 - £50,000

Deadline 30th June 2021


Youth Endowment Fund

England and Wales

Grant Theme - Another Chance – Diversion from the Criminal Justice System. – Application deadline 14th May 2021.

Specifically for diversion projects focused on 10-17 year olds.


The National Hockey Foundation


Specific interest areas are: Young people and hockey, Young people and sport in Milton Keynes, Enabling the development of hockey at youth or community level, Smaller Charities. 

Grants for specific project and capital costs.   Generally between £10,000 and £75,000


Severn Trent Community Fund

Severn Trent Region

Theme is Community Wellbeing – People, place and Environment.

Capital and project costs.  Grants under £10,000 considered on a rolling basis – no deadline. Over £10,001 next deadline mid-May 2021.


The Roger & Douglas Turner Charitable Trust

Birmingham, Black Country and Worcestershire

Children & Young People, Disabled & Health, Environment & Heritage, The Arts, Work in the Community, Social Support, Hospices

Project and Capital costs.  Grants £1,000 - £3,000 – no deadline. Applications considered at Trustees meetings quarterly.


Urgent Deadlines


Warburtons Community Grants

England, Scotland and Wales

Small grants to improve health, space or skills for families.

Grants up to £400

Deadline 10th May 2021


Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation

UK Wide

Supporting  children under 16 with education and welfare, young people in late teens and 20’s with literacy, numeracy and employment and reducing isolation of elderly.

Donations up to £30,00 for specific activities or items. Trustees meet quarterly next application deadline is 15th May 2021.


Fidelio Charitable Trust

UK Wide

Support of the Arts particularly for Music, including Opera, Lieder, Composition and Dance mainly for those over 21.

Grants up to £5,000

Next deadline 14th May 2021



The Rowing Foundation

England, Scotland and Wales

Grants to encourage participation in rowing by under 18s and disabled.

Grants for specific purposes, not general running costs.

Grant amount from £500 - £3000 – match fund up to 50% of costs.

Next deadline 24th May 2021



Boltons Fund


a) Round 12 Community Champions – developing community champions in Bolton.

Grant £1,500 - £5,000  Deadline 30th April 2021


b) Round 13 Summer Holiday and Activities and Food Fund

Rree holiday provision, including healthy food and enriching activities for 4 – 16 year olds

Grants £1,500 - £15,000 Deadline 5th May 2021


AB Charitable Trust

UK wide

Migrants and Refugees, Criminal Justice and Penal Reform, Human Rights particularly Access to Justice.

 Mainly core or project funding.  Grants between £10,000 and £20,000 Deadline 25th April 2021


Feminist Review Trust

Individuals and organisations – national and international

Projects that aim to further gender equality and end oppression with a particular focus on: Lesbian and transgender rights, Violence against women and girls, Disabled women and girls, Refugee women and girls, Women, girls and environmental activism related to place and locality

Maximum grant £15,000  Next deadline is 30th April 2021


Walney Extension Skills Fund Grant

Specific postcode areas of Cumbria

Overall aim is to provide educational and learning opportunities for people within the Fund’s benefit area to help to improve their skills and employment opportunities.

Project funds. Minimum grant £10,000  Deadline 30th April 2021



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