Posted by Alexander on 07/11/2018

Jungle Blumers

Would you rather go into a jungle with One Direction or the Rolling Stones?

Based on the evidence over the years of watching I’m a Celebrity I’d take the Stones.

Ever since Tony Blackburn became King of the Jungle in the first series, I’m a Celebrity has been a terrific place to see over-50’s being physical, brave, sensible, funny and competent.  Nobody would dream of putting Ann Widdicombe or John Sergeant forward to dance for their lives, but I’d definitely want Janet Street-Porter collecting stars on my behalf in a snake-pit or Jennie Bond having to endure being buried underground with rats.   

In the current series, five of the eleven contestants are over 50.  And what a five!  Noel Edmunds, Harry Redknapp, Anne Hegarty, Nick Knowles and John Barrowman.  They have proven themselves to be very capable task-completers and, much more importantly from ITV’s point of view, are very entertaining.  They are also very popular.  Three of this group are among the top four favourites to win*.

So turn your workplace into a jungle!   

*UPDATE: Unless you've been in a jungle yourself you probably know that Harry Redknapp won!

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