Posted by Alexander on 01/05/2018

Top Ten Household Tasks

Here is our top ten list of household tasks available on Blume.

  1. Getting rid of stuff!  Blumers will recycle, ebay or donate your unwanted items on your behalf.
  2. Gardening: from full-on pampering to garden clearance
  3. Organising events: get help arranging the venue, decoration, catering and the day itself
  4. Companionship/check-ins: for those who want company or have a relative who does 
  5. Planning applications! Want help opposing or proposing a planning application?
  6. Removals: for a spare pair of hands to help load and unload
  7. Handy jobs: try our experienced handy people to help out with anything around the house
  8. Technology troubleshooting; help if your gadgets are on the blink or you need advice on what to do or buy
  9. Cleaning; for standard cleans as well as Airbnb preparation or deep cleans
  10. Errands: need something fetched or carried?
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