Nicola B
A blumer since 20/05/2019
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I'm able to provide ...

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Write and distribute a press release

I can do this because ...

I have a background in central Government communications as a press officer in several Whitehall departments and PR manager in the charity sector. I write press releases that get the story covered in national, regional and specialist media and can handle proactive and reactive media relations.


I can do this because ...

I have some 30 years' experience as a cross-discipline marcomms manager working in Whitehall departments (including Ministry of Justice and Department for Education), health and disability charities and local government on everything from civil justice reforms to Endometriosis, from cookery classes for older men to music therapy and back again. I can turn my hand (keyboard?) to case studies, interviews, blogs, social media posts, website copy, collateral with creativity and, where appropriate, humour.

Proofread and Edit

I can do this because ...

Commas, sub-clauses (and even) semi-colons. The highway code of the written word, simply there to make stuff easy to follow and easy to act upon. I can check and/or edit copy (cut out the jargon/waffle) to make sure your message resonates with your target audiences.

My biography

I'm a professional content writer and editor based in London, UK. I'm passionate about producing quality online and offline content that attracts and engages audiences and which helps achieve business objectives. ​
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