Mike C
A blumer since 04/08/2017
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I'm able to provide ...

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Online research

I can do this because ...

I am a wiz with Google search and am adept at finding the correct word or phrase to input to get me to the result needed.

Mystery shopping

I can do this because ...

I know how to shop!

Proofread and Edit

I can do this because ...

I read a lot - books, magazines, newspapers. I quite often spot misspelled words whilst doing this.

Data entry

I can do this because ...

I used to do data entry when I worked for British Gas so have the experience.

Office support

My biography

Hi, I'm retired and enjoy all kinds of DIY. I have made items from reclaimed wood and upcycled furniture which has sold at a local shop. I have a lot of experience using computers as I worked for British Gas. I read a lot and often see mistakes in books and magazines. I can put my hand to most thing
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