William B
A blumer since 23/08/2017
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Lawn mowing

I can do this because ...

Have 15 years experience of mowing a lawn of 1/3 rd of an acre with a power mower (not ride-on machine), and happy to dispose of the cuttings at the local recycling centre of required. Will also trim edges.

Garden Clearance

I can do this because ...

15 years of general garden clearance and disposal of waste , though cannot do heavy digging.

Garden pampering

I can do this because ...

Happy to trim, prune, water and weed small gardens, and dispose of waste. Really enjoy planting up pots and tubs for patios.

Pack for a move

I can do this because ...

I have moved home 15 times in total, and used to packing/unpacking small items. However, I cannot move furniture for a move.

Rubbish disposal

I can do this because ...

Having moved 15 times over the years, I am very accustomed to disposal of rubbish, either into small skips, or to the local recycling centre.


I can do this because ...

I don't like clutter, especially in my garage and shed which I like to clean at least once a month, which I am happy to carry out for you. Unwanted clothing and small items which you no longer require, I will take to your local charity shops .

Running errands

I can do this because ...

If you would like me to carry out your shopping for you at the local supermarket, please give me a call.

Dog walking

I can do this because ...

I have an affinity with dogs, and more that happy to exercise them on a regular basis for you, even in inclement weather. Providing the dog is happy with that, of course!.

Virtual assistant

I can do this because ...

I have been an office administrator for 45 years, and managing an office is second nature to me. I can carry out your office tasks from my home, or from your home or office on a part-time basis as you require.

In the garden

Office support

Odd jobs

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My biography

I have been retired for 2 years. I have been an administrator for most of my working life, but miss the working environment. I am very sociable and enjoy meeting people. I enjoy gardening, amateur dramatics and tinkering with old aircraft. I welcome any odd jobs to keep myself busy.
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