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A blumer since 18/10/2017
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In the next 7 days, I'm available on Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th

My biography

Happily married, retired from range of professions, soldier, physiotherapist, HR manager, lecturer and childminder. Now a part-time carer and advocate for man with autism and epilepsy. Just general household diy skills (not a tradesman). Looking to keep busy, enjoy outdoors and walking. Thank you.

I'm able to provide

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Odd jobs

I can do this because ...

Just a plain and simple pair of hands prepared to do those tasks you find difficult or time consuming.

Running errands

I can do this because ...

The seats in my car spend more time in the shed than in the car.

Dog walking

I can do this because ...

My Staffy already gets 2 walks daily up to 5 miles. I love being outside in all weathers

Long-distance check-ins

I can do this because ...

Based in Telford and Shropshire I can check and help sort any issues. Just a phone call away.

Personal training

I can do this because ...

Retired Army Physical Corps Instructor and Physiotherapist. Now more suited to rehabilitation and motivation of those less capable than my previous life of working with superfit people.

Tourist guiding

I can do this because ...

Can lead on local walks in the Shropshire area (MTA Lowland Walk Leader)


I can do this because ...

I am a "people person" prepared to listen and support by helping find answers and resolve issues.


I can do this because ...

Have previously used ebay for a wide variety of items, can collect and deliver for you.

Handy People

I can do this because ...

Extensive experience assembling flat pack,. Not a painter and decorator but prepared to do those little jobs not worthy of a qualified tradesman

Rubbish disposal

I can do this because ...

My car knows it's own way to the tip and local charity shops.

Business support

I can do this because ...

Generally competent in most MS Office Packages. Good eye for detail.

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