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I work for St John Ambulance in Community Development, I volunteer for Scouting. I like meeting & supporting people & have experience in social media, business management and events. I'm friendly and personable and enjoy spending time with my Nan, I organised her benefits & social care needs.

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Ran social media and marketing for Father's events business, developing business plan. Worked for outsource management companies, managing databases, social media and content for newsletters. Led data projects in excel. Completed L2 Excel Cert (2017)

Business support

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Work with not for profit organisation and Father's business. From marketing plans and social media content to designing promotional material. As Event Coord I have developed packages and budgets. I have good telephone manner and IT skills.

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I keep a tidy home and support my Nan with housework, cooking and DIY. I have puppy trained my neighbours dogs, skills I gained working on farm. I am friendly and willing to help others.

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