Charles T
A blumer since 19/03/2018
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I'm able to provide ...

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Office support

I can do this because ...

I am good with figures, can write sponsorship proposals and summaries, can respond to business emails, draft sponsorship request emails, make sales calls, draft event plans

Mystery shopping

I can do this because ...

I can mystery shop on the phone or online. If I do this in person then it must be within 8 miles of my residence

Office support

I can do this because ...

I am an experienced producer which requires all business skills so give me a task and I will fulfil it


I can do this because ...

I can do all types of marketing tasks to designing flyers, emailing contacts, writing marketing plans and strategies, buying social media advertising, etv

Odd jobs

I can do this because ...

I am highly flexible and willing to do most odd jobs, but will not take on those that require heavy lifting or waking long distances.


I can do this because ...

I am highly experienced in planning and organising small, mid-sized and large attendance multi-day and venue events working with experienced and new teams.

Data entry

I can do this because ...

I run promotions and send out bulk marketing emails for my business so I am used to entering data, cleaning lits and using systems that utilise large data sources.

Proofread and Edit

I can do this because ...

I have to read lots of scripts, manuscripts, projects, press releases and proposals all the time as I am constantly pitched with ideas so I make a point of only proceeding with the ones that are well edited so my proofreading skills have to be great.

Virtual assistant

I can do this because ...

I have spent many years managing my own very busy production office on my own and so feel confident to perform any office support task especially those that require sensitive approaches on the phone.

Business plans

I can do this because ...

I have written many business plans for the films I produce and the various businesses I have developed and started. My preference is on media project related business plans as thats where my experience really lies.

Online research

I can do this because ...

I spend huge amounts of time checking Google and confirming and cross-checking sources so I am clear the information I am working with is as strong as possible and do not rely on Wikipedia as the only source of confirmation.

Help with social media

I can do this because ...

I am very strong on social media skills (mostly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin, confident on posting copy and images and generating interactivity leading to growth. I have good knowledge of Hootsuite and other social media marketing systems

Formatting documents/resumes

Running errands



Long-distance check-ins

Event planning

Meet and greet

General Marketing


Managing social media

My biography

I am a former accountant turned international film and media event producer who has lived on several continents. I am confident, highly creative, have great customer facing skills, patient, great at marketing and copywriting, very strong internet & social media skills, charming phone manner.
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