Adrian S
A blumer since 29/01/2019
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My biography

Advisor, researcher, and business services provider, based in the Midlands, - worked on international projects thanks to available technology looking for interesting projects

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I have a background in Market research, corporate finance and marketing and finance management.

I am based in the UK  I  provide mentoring and business services.
so since 2005

2 I also provide services as a cofounder, that is helping to implement the advice given -
for example in a recent project I have worked with the founder to recruit, and manage
agents in the UK, Trinidad and the Netherlands (with more agents in the pipeline)

my skills are based on my experience of market research, list building, corporate finance, strategic partner/JV/M&A and businesses sales (at Regent we closed about 35 companies a year, most of these were cross-border transactions). I have worked on projects in France, Portugal, Dubai/Saudi Arabia, US, China and Finland . My skills are backed by my network which I can bring to projects on a a)Over 2,900 linkedin contacts b)Sales agent network of over 10.000 individuals/companies c) a network of over 1000 Venture capital groups investing in the UK -and their preference (sector/sweet spot/investment stage d) a network of c2,900 angel investors who invest in the UK - with similar profile information e) a network of c75,000 cofounders looking to (i) join a startup or (ii) have someone join their startup f)A pan EU network of over 1,200 young entrepreneurs across Europe interested in working on entrepreneurial projects (if Brexit doesn't ruin it for us!) g)An ability to build a network per project - for example I have developed a database of over 30,000 business leads for another project - each 1% is worth c£90,000 per year in revenue with a product with high recurring revenues


Services I provide include:
General HR£41.25 p/hSend an enquiry
Managing the thinking, admin and/or interviewing
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Advice on training needs and/or delivery of training
£41.25 p/hSend an enquiry
Coaching£41.25 p/hSend an enquiry
Developing an appraisal process, co-ordinating an existing one, or conducting appraisals
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