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Amanda H

I have over 10 years of communications experience within the healthcare and charity sector, and have worked in my current part time role at a cancer charity for 5 years. My main areas of expertise are: • Supporter story/ case study writing - I enjoy working with supporters in sharing their inspiring stories with the wider public using digital and traditional print based mediums. This involves me engaging with service users directly, and making sure that they felt both empowered and supported throughout the writing process to ensure that their stories are told accurately and that they were happy with the end result. • Maximising opportunities to generate positive media coverage – including press release writing, PR campaign planning and building positive working relationships with local, national and trade press • Media coverage monitoring and reporting press activity • Internal communications (staff newsletters and bulletins) • Acting as a first point of contact for enquiries from the press, and drafting response position statements/ sourcing spokespeople where appropriate • Copywriting – including press releases, website copy and blog posts, annual/ impact reports and supporter communications materials • Supporting in the development of social media messaging, and responding to queries received across a number of social media platforms • Stakeholder engagement - including colleagues in the NHS, pharmaceutical organisations and charity alliances, on public affairs/ policy issues and how these can be addressed through influence and effective communication • Managing the ‘translation’ of complex terminology, medical terms and acronyms into informative and engaging pieces that are clear, concise and ‘jargon free’, a skill that I feel is critical when creating engaging content online and in print Read more
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