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Amy M

An experienced senior manager and strategic thinker who leads with a people-first approach, I have been able to successfully delivery several large scale digital projects, including CRM implementations and service development. My skills across multiple areas such as business analysis, change management and digital communications, has allowed me to take a flexible approach to roles, quickly adapting to changing needs and jumping in to support more focussed workstreams when required. I particularly enjoy projects where I am able to advocate for business and stakeholder requirements, overseeing design and delivery elements, focusing on identifying and implementing tangible results and making improvements in business processes. I also relish the opportunity to be creative, so I thoroughly enjoy contributing to activities that aim to engage and garner enthusiasm. Comfortable with accountability and reactive decision-making, I am fully aware of the often-difficult task of engaging and building trust with stakeholders in order to manage expectations and the change process during large scale projects. While this is certainly a challenge, I passionately believe that with good planning, understanding and communication, these projects can be successful and deliver vast improvements for organisations, end users and ultimately, supporter journeys. SKILLS & EXPERTESE • Strategic thinker and able to manage projects at a leadership level. • Empowering others to succeed through self-belief and confident decision-making. • Experienced line manager including performance management and restructure. • Champion of people-centric change management and digital communications. • Working knowledge of business analysis, requirements gathering and business process review • Working knowledge of project delivery, using agile/waterfall practices methodology. • Excellent communicator and confident stakeholder manager. • Advocate of healthy work-life balance and managing mental health at work. Read more
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