Andres C
A blumer since 10/01/2018
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I'm able to provide ...

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Office support

I can do this because ...

I have been in an office environment for over two decades. I've invariably helped others carrying out the different roles and responsibilities assigned. Occasionally positions demanded exactly that but most of time was in my nature to do so anyway.

Mystery shopping

I can do this because ...

Working in partnership with others, I spent half my time walking around and writing observations that helped partners improve performance and in some instances even avoid them losing touch of their realities


I can do this because ...

I hold a Bachelors Degree with honours, two Master Degrees and I am a Chartered IT Professional. Also, over two decades covering a wide range of IT roles. I am now an educator at Code Club to give something back to my community

Office support

I can do this because ...

I have provided business support as part of my consultancy services for over 15

Online research

I can do this because ...

Working for three years in the Improvement and Development Agency I was leading on Social Networks Research. I have also led various pieces of Research done online for online businesses

Proofread and Edit

Data entry

Business plans

Formatting documents/resumes

General Technology

Setting up & synching computers and gadgets

Help with social media

Advice on buying computers and other technology

My biography

I undertake Academic Research at different universities. I tend to spend periods of inactivity between projects and I hope I can do something productive by making myself available to those that may need that extra-pair of hands during spells of professional inactivity.
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