Bernard P
A blumer since 26/08/2017
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General Technology

I can do this because ...

I am an IT Manager. I have set up company IT and office infrastructure starting from bare walls. I specialise in setting up and managing systems in smaller nonprofit organisations. I am familiar with Microsoft. Mac and Linux systems.

Setting up & synching computers and gadgets

I can do this because ...

I am an IT Manager. I can build a PC from parts, install Microsoft, Mac or Linux software. I am familiar with software for servers, workstations and other devices. I can build and configure workstations and database/file-servers.

Advice on buying computers and other technology

I can do this because ...

I am an IT Manager. I have bought complete company IT systems. I am familiar with specifying and buying servers, desktops, laptops and tablets. I can recommend software for office and line of business applications.


My biography

I am a semi-retired IT Manager and management consultant. I specialise in working in small organisations managing the relationship between business and technology professionals. I have a further specialisation in nonprofit and charitable organisations. I work from home in Wigan or by teleworking.
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