Beverley C
A blumer since 21/05/2019
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I have over 40 years of experience in Media, Tourism and the Voluntary Sector in the UK and the Caribbean at Executive level managing between 22 to 300 personnel. I am an author, poet, newspaper and magazine editor, publisher, scriptwriter, and PhD researcher. I am flexible

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Services I provide include:
General HR£59.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Managing the thinking, admin and/or interviewing
£78.20 p/hSend an enquiry
Advice on training needs and/or delivery of training
£78.20 p/hSend an enquiry
Coaching£78.20 p/hSend an enquiry
Developing an appraisal process, co-ordinating an existing one, or conducting appraisals
£78.20 p/hSend an enquiry
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