Janette B
A blumer since 13/02/2019
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I can do this because ...

I have been testing the conversion quality of websites for over 10 years, add this to my auditing experience of over 20 years and you have a great all rounder who can clearly convey opinions about your website, telling you what typical users may think and how to get them to click that buy button all the more!

Set up a website or blog

I can do this because ...

Do you already own a website but are dissapointed by its performance? If you are wondering why you aren't getting the conversions you had hoped for, then book me for a website usertest. It will show you a typical visitor on your site, talking out loud about things they like, don't like or find confusing and indicates where users may be getting bored or stuck. It's a great way to understand what your customers think about your site and I suggest helpful ideas that will make the website more engaging and user friendly.

Proofread and Edit

I can do this because ...

Marketing or web content that contains spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can really let down your sales pitch. Book me to proofread and edit your content so it is professional and convinces users to buy!

My biography

Hi! I'm Janette, an experienced website 'user tester'. I can clearly express my opinions on your website design, layout and navigation and offer logical solutions to improve customer experience. Let me video my visit to your site to show you how a typical end user may behave.
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