Maria A
A blumer since 27/02/2018
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I'm able to provide ...

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Office support

I can do this because ...

More years than I care to remember providing admin support

Mystery shopping

I can do this because ...

I do not stand out neither in looks or behaviour. I am by nature what some may describe as an observasionist with an ability not just to note but report in great detail everything around with an unbiased flair.

Data entry

I can do this because ...

Years of experience make me do this with eyes shut (however, you'll be pleased to hear I choose to have my eyes wide open!)


I can do this because ...

I have regularly prepared Latin-American food for small and large events for a number of years. I must be doing something right as it is the ones that I have catered for that keep recommending me to others and have used my services repeatedly

My biography

A keen, energetic skilled worker with a proven track record in Security. I have also built an outstanding portfolio in Crafts and Dress making. I need to stress that I proudly hold a significant number of testimonials for being a reliable and trusted worker with a friendly yet business-like approach
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