Moira D
A blumer since 20/05/2019
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Mentoring and coaching

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My background is in the charitable sector - at the interface between strategic & operational planning & service delivery by remote teams at national level. Part of my extensive management experience has been to coach and support staff to reach their potential. Outside of this I have acted in a formal mentoring capacity to university students at UCL and Birkbeck. Informally I coach within my circle of contacts - giving space to explore the working dynamic in an ever changing environment. My formal qualifications include a CMS in women & management and a DMS in change management.


I can do this because ...

Most of my career in senior management in the charitable sector has involved elements of event management. Setting up and running residential (2-3 day) conferences and 1 day educational events. From venue finding and menu choosing to identifying speakers and getting the pre event registration system sorted - I’ve been hands on at all levels - including giving keynote speeches myself!

Business plans

I can do this because ...

For the last 20 years in the charity sector I have had to produce business plans - either sitting under the main charity plan or for the charity itself. From the plan and strategy I then developed the operational plans rolling out on a national basis. My specialism was looking at the interface of the plans and how the rhetoric translated into operational reality - how it could be monitored and evaluated and what success looked like.

My biography

30 years experience in the charity sector - 20 or so at senior management level specialising in the interface between strategic and operational planning leading to service delivery. Strong campaigning & media background coupled with extensive staff & volunteer management. Trustee & board experience.
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