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Project management

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Compiled bids for EU, DFID and other funding. Extensive experience of managing International and regional economic development projects - including KPI reporting, staff training, setting up financial processes and client reporting and re-contracting.

My biography

CIMA & MBA qualified, I have worked in the charity sector (British Council) and small charities, public sector (Liverpool LEP) and the private sector (in construction and haulage). My experience is in setting up financial controls, implementing financial systems and managing financial systems.

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Financial Management 


I have held several senior finance roles as financial controller or finance manager with responsibility for implementing improved processes, maintaining control and adhering to procedures. 


As regional commercial manager at the British Council, I had a responsibility for ensuring project-level finance controls including anti-fraud measures, managing currency fluctuation risk and that project control standards are maintained. Previous roles have been similar: previously as financial controller at the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) where I led the financial control environment, including statutory audits, internal and external reporting.  In addition I was responsible for ICT strategy and the maintenance of HR policies. As the scrutiny requirements for LEPs increased over recent years, the management of the company’s governance and assurance framework has intensified. I was heavily involved in this process and the embedding of a risk register. 


Change Management 

In addition to the above, I have managed several change processes in my career. At the LEP, I introduced a wholesale change in the accounts team by implementing a new finance and procurement ICT system, and introducing HR and finance processes. In general terms, I also raised the profile of financial control in the organisation – improving communication and making finance a vital part of decision making in the organisation.   


Project Management and International Experience 

I operated within a geographically disbursed team at the British Council and regularly travel to the region. In addition to core finance experience, I have also had considerable experience of managing projects.  At the LEP, I managed an international project that was setting up a short-sea shipping route between Liverpool, France and Portugal. I have presented to industry chief executives in Portugal and Brest and frequently attend meetings in France and Belgium to develop the project further.   


I have worked as a voluntary consultant for the Grow Movement charity, providing free business advice (eg. Marketing, pricing strategy, financial control) to clients in Uganda and Malawi over Skype. I found this work, although challenging across cultural and language differences, incredibly rewarding.  


Governance / Legal / HR 

I regularly presented financial information to stakeholders at regional governance meetings at the British Council and in previous roles.  


In previous roles I managed statutory audits and overseen the production of management and statutory accounts. This has involved ensuring compliance with accounting policies in the UK, but also overseas compliance too at the British Council regarding local arrangements such as withholding tax and VAT. 


Strategic Development 

At the British Council as Regional Commercial Finance Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, I was responsible for developing bids for state aid and non-state aid funded projects. These ranged from £700k to £18m. A successful bid that I submitted was for a civil society project in Sudan, but I also worked on contract revisions for a £17m commercial project in Ethiopia (also civil society) and a £2m teacher development project in Nigeria. The role included a business development dimension – liaising with regional teams and funders to explore opportunities and advising on whether to proceed. 

In addition, I was key to the development and reporting of annual budgets and forecasts – working with the regional leadership team to ensure that resource allocation is sufficient and commercial risks are factored in.  

In previous roles In the construction industry (Mears especially), I was employed to write commercially viable bids for roofing and other housing maintenance projects worth between 5m-30m over several years. My role (regional finance manager South East) was to also run them, ensuring that liquidity was prioritised, KPIs were achieved and local depot managers (and other non-finance staff) were supported in terms of operational issues (eg. Staff issues, contract turnaround or pricing new contracts) and financially the depots achieved target profitability and cash recovery. 

Similarly in the haulage sector (Norfolkline / Maersk) I was involved in establishing contract profitability (therefore a ‘hurdle’ rate for new bids) and branch / contract turnaround). 



Leadership and team development 

I managed my network at the British Council through regular catch ups over Skype and regular trips to Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria. I am supportive and willing to coach to overcome issues with tight deadlines. In previous roles, I have managed teams of up to 8 members, with responsibility for setting targets and managing performance. 




Services I provide include:
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Produce year end accounts
From putting the final touches to (and submitting) the year end accounts to managing the whole process
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Select accounting package
Identifying packages that are appropriate for your organisation and implementing them
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Design financial controls and procedures
Design and implement controls and procedures that are appropriate to the size and stage of your organisation
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Set up financial "starter kit" for start-ups
Providing a financial set up which is proportionate, useful and reassuring or assessing your current set-up for gaps and weaknesses
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