Tim W
A blumer since 02/08/2019
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Previous roles include promotion and creation of the London National Park City. PR and marketing for the RSPB and establishing Love London Week.


I can do this because ...

I am a journalist, proofreader and editor. I have worked on publications for Defra, the BBC, Country Life and articles in a variety of newspapers and magazines. I most recently edited the launch newspaper for the London National Park City. I was editor of the London Wildlife Trust's members magazine and contributed to the RSPB'S members magazine. I have managed the creation and publication of numerous parks guides and information signs.

My biography

I am a journalist with more than 30 years experience of reporting, writing, editing, broadcasting and proofing material. I have worked on magazines, newspapers, brochures, official reports, funding and programme bids, nature reserve guides and signs, magazines , webpages, social media, TV and radio
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