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Funding Opportunities

Every month, Rebecca sends out a curated list of the latest funds available for charities. Below you'll find Rebecca's current list. If you want to apply for one and would like a Blumer's help, click "See Blumers" at the end of the row
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The AB Charitable TrustSee 5 BlumersThe Access to Justice FoundationSee 2 Blumers
Allchurches TrustThe Allen Lane FoundationSee 2 Blumers
Art FundSee 1 BlumerArts Council EnglandSee 3 Blumers
The Baring FoundationBarrow Cadbury TrustSee 2 Blumers
BBC Children in NeedSee 12 BlumersThe Berkeley FoundationSee 1 Blumer
Brian Mercer Charitable TrustSee 1 BlumerThe British Council
The Bromley TrustSee 1 BlumerThe Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)
The Carnegie FoundationCharities Aid Foundation (CAF)See 4 Blumers
City Bridge TrustSee 8 BlumersThe Clore Duffield FoundationSee 1 Blumer
The Clothworkers FoundationSee 3 BlumersThe Coop FoundationSee 8 Blumers
Corra FoundationSee 1 BlumerThe David and Elaine Potter Foundation
Department for Work and PensionsSee 6 BlumersThe Dulverton TrustSee 6 Blumers
The Edward Gostling FoundationSee 1 BlumerEleanor Rathbone Charitable TrustSee 1 Blumer
Esmee Fairburn FoundationSee 6 BlumersThe Football FoundationSee 2 Blumers
Ford FoundationThe ForeSee 2 Blumers
The Foyle FoundationSee 4 BlumersFriends Provident FoundationSee 2 Blumers
The Funding NetworkGarfield Weston FoundationSee 13 Blumers
The Gates FoundationSee 1 BlumerGlobal Fund for Women
GoogleSee 2 BlumersGuernsey Overseas Aid and Development CommissionSee 1 Blumer
The Hargreaves FoundationSee 1 BlumerThe Henry Smith CharitySee 13 Blumers
Historic EnglandIsle of Man International Development
Jersey Overseas AidJoffe Charitable Trust
John Ellerman FoundationSee 2 BlumersJohn Lyon's CharitySee 5 Blumers
Joseph Rowntree Charitable TrustSee 2 BlumersJoseph Rowntree Reform TrustSee 1 Blumer
The Laing Family TrustsSee 6 BlumersLandAid Charitable Trust
Lankelly Chase FoundationLeverhulme TrustSee 1 Blumer
The Lindley FoundationLloyds Bank FoundationSee 8 Blumers
London Marathon Charitable TrustSee 1 BlumerMasonic Charitable FoundationSee 8 Blumers
Maudsley CharitySee 2 BlumersMercers Charitable FoundationSee 4 Blumers
National Lottery Community FundSee 22 BlumersNational Lottery Heritage FundSee 2 Blumers
The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)Oak FoundationSee 3 Blumers
Open Society FoundationsPaul Hamlyn FoundationSee 4 Blumers
Peoples Health TrustSee 2 BlumersThe Percy Bilton CharitySee 1 Blumer
Peter Sowerby FoundationSee 1 BlumerThe Pilgrim Trust
The Pilgrim TrustPostcode Local TrustSee 7 Blumers
Power to Change TrustR S MacDonald Charitable Trust
The Rayne Foundation See 6 BlumersThe Rockefeller Foundation
The Rosa FoundationRothschild FoundationSee 2 Blumers
Sainsbury Family Charitable TrustsSee 3 BlumersThe Sobell FoundationSee 8 Blumers
Sport EnglandSee 6 BlumersStanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)The True Colours Trust
Trusthouse Charitable FoundationSee 4 BlumersTudor TrustSee 3 Blumers
UK AidSee 1 BlumerUK Community FoundationsSee 7 Blumers
United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)USAIDSee 1 Blumer
The Veolia Environmental trustSee 1 BlumerVirgin Money FoundationSee 1 Blumer
Vision FoundationThe Waterloo FoundationSee 2 Blumers
The Waterloo FoundationThe Wellcome TrustSee 1 Blumer
Westminster FoundationSee 1 BlumerWolfson FoundationSee 1 Blumer
Youth Endowment FundSee 2 BlumersYouth Futures FoundationSee 1 Blumer
Youth Music