For Charities

How do I find the right Blumer?

You can find a Blumer directly either by typing what you want done into our search box or by browsing our categories.  Alternatively you can post a task and let Blumers contact you.

For more information on how to find and manage your Blumer read our Guide to being a good buyer

What is a Recommended Blumer?

Recommended Blumers are the best and most responsive freelancers.  We have interviewed them and followed up references by telephone.   We are confident that they will deliver quality, timely work.

Can Blume help find me the right freelancer?

Yes. Contact us if you have any questions and one of our team will be happy to talk you through the process and use our knowledge of the Blumers to work out who is right for you.

How does payment work?

You will be charged at the start of the project but the money (except for our fee) will be held by Stripe - a 3rd party payment gateway service, trusted by global organisations like Unicef, Facebook, Comic Relief and Asos.  Once you are happy that the project has been completed the money will be released to the Blumer.

Why should I trust a Blumer?

Hiring a Blumer is a considerably more trustworthy experience than picking a supplier from a directory. Every Blumer has been verified in three ways (as described above, our recommended Blumers have been verified even more fully).  First, we have their address which has been verified by Stripe who have cross-checked it with their bank details.  Second, we have reviewed their profile before approving it, often speaking to the Blumer in the process.  Third, you can check the experience and testimonials (where they have them) of the Blumer on their profile for yourself.

What if I’m not happy with the results?

Most projects get completed on time and to budget but if something goes wrong and cannot be resolved between you and the Blumer we step in using the arbitration process outlined in our terms.


How does Blume make money?

We charge a commission of between 10%-15% on top of every transaction depending on the size of the transaction. This is included in the hourly price you see on each Blumer's profile. For example, if the rate is shown as being £34.50 ph, that means the Blumer is getting £30 and Blume is getting £4.50.

Is Blume a charity?

No.  But we have a strong social mission and values and are in the process of becoming a B-Corp which will embed this mission and values into the way we work.  If you’re interested in why we took this decision please read our founder’s blog.

For freelancers

How does Blume help me?

Blume gives you an opportunity to make use of your skills and experience in a way that suits you.  You can choose when you work, how much you charge and who you work with.  Through our networks, marketing and partnerships we bring customers to you and provide you with a platform to handle payments, communication and disputes (on the rare occasion that they arise)

How much does Blume cost me?

It is completely free.  There is no registration fee.  We make our money by taking a commission on top of whatever you earn.  

Do I have to pay tax?

Yes – but not via Blume.  Your earnings from Blume should be included in your tax return just like any other freelance earnings.

How much should I charge?

It is up to you as long as you charge more than the London Living Wage (currently £10.75 per hour), even if you don’t live in London.  You may find it useful to look at what other Blumers charge who offer similar services but charge what you think you’re worth!  Price is only one aspect of the buying decision, particularly for the professional services we offer.  However, it can be sensible to offer lower rates when you first join Blume so that you can build up a track record more easily.

Do I have to stick to the hourly rate on my profile?

No.  You can negotiate the price of every task with the charity before agreeing to do it.  You can also charge a fixed price for the project too.

How do I charge for expenses?

You need to agree expenses with the buyer and add them to the overall cost of the project.  If you have a lot of expenses (e.g. frequent travel) then it may be easier to make it a fixed price project.

Should I charge VAT via Blume (if I’m VAT registered)?

Yes, you should incorporate VAT into the overall fee you charge.

How and when will I get paid?

When the buyer agrees to a task, the fee is automatically taken from their account and stored with our third party supplier (Stripe).  So as a supplier you know that the money is there.  It is impossible for a task to be commissioned unless the money has been transferred in this way.  Once you and the buyer agree that the task is completed the money will be transferred to your bank account.  Typically Stripe take five working days to release the money.


Does Blume store credit card or bank account details?

No, we don't store those in our system. Instead, we use Stripe - a 3rd party payment gateway service, trusted by global organisations like Unicef, Facebook, Comic Relief and Asos - who store your details on their best-in-class server (PCI Service Provider Level 1 for the nerds). Blume never sees your card or bank details at any point.

Does Blume store "sensitive" personal information?

Yes, we store your name, address and (if you've entered it) your date of birth.

Where is this information kept?

We store personal information, encrypted, in our database. As well as being encrypted, it is stored on a separate server from the Blume website, and that server is never open to the public (only the Blume website can access it).

How safe is Blume?

When you send information to us, we only use HTTPS and use a high quality SHA2-256 2048-bit SSL certificate.

The main Blume website server is sitting behind both a reverse proxy and a Cisco firewall, the database server sits privately behind that.

We regularly test the site using Tenable software for PCI-quality scans and Qualys to make sure the SSL stays up to scratch, meaning we're taking all the protection we can to keep your data safe.

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