Freelancers for charities


 What we do

Blume connects experienced freelancers with charities who need flexible, high-quality and experienced support.  

For Charities, Blume gives access to a vast array of talented, vetted freelancers who understand charities and a platform which enables you to hire and pay them professionally and seamlessly.  We can relieve your workload and increase your productivity in a low-risk, flexible way.

For Freelancers (and aspiring freelancers!), Blume provides an opportunity to make use of your skills and experience in a way that suits you.  You can choose when you work, how much you charge and who you work with.  Through our networks, marketing and partnerships we bring customers to you and provide you with a platform to handle payments, communication and disputes (on the rare occasion that they arise).

 What we are

We are strongly mission-driven and values-led and are applying for B-Corps status which will certify that we have embedded our mission and values into the way we operate.

If you are interested in governance – and why, for example, we have chosen not to be a social enterprise or a charity - you can read more about our decision in our blog post

 Who we are

 The extended team

We practice what we preach and have worked – and in many cases continue to work – with a number of our Blumers. We have been able to call on their skills and experience to help us grow flexibly and confidently.
Rebecca W
Charity Finance, Fundraising
from 50 ratings
I have over 15 years experience in charitable organisations at senior management level. This has in ...
Recommended for Charity Finance, Fundraising
Carolyn O
Marketing and Comms
from 56 ratings
Copywriter and award-winning journalist with international experience in newspapers and magazines. F ...
Recommended for Marketing and Comms
henry t
from 1 rating
Film-maker based in London with more than 25 years experience. I know more about video, film, cinem ...
James W
Fundraising, Senior Support
from 15 ratings
I have over 20 years experience in fundraising, strategic and operational management and leadership ...
Recommended for Fundraising, Senior Support
Howard G
Charity Finance
from 3 ratings
A highly-qualified personal finance professional with Chartered FCSI status and current CFP(tm) lice ...
Recommended for Charity Finance
Cathy A
Marketing and Comms
from 1 rating
A marketing specialist, qualified coach, mentor and facilitator with 18 years experience working for ...
Recommended for Marketing and Comms
Jill H
from 1 rating
Hi, I'm a social media marketing and advertising strategist. I also offer Google Ads and Google Ads ...
Jonathan P
from 2 ratings
I help purpose driven people and organisations grow by helping them demonstrate their impact using p ...

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