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We have an ageing population but not an ageing workforce. The chances of being employed decrease markedly for people over the age of fifty even though we are living longer, healthier lives than ever before.

Blume will change this landscape by generating fun, flexible and lucrative opportunities for older people, and by providing excellent, good value services to organisations and individuals.

Recently posted jobs

Posted by Roly P
Improve our online fly descriptions
Fulling Mill, a leading British manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of premium fishing flies, seeks a Blumer with a lifelong love of fishing to help them improve their online fly descriptions.

The successful candidate will invariably have fished for many years, have an in-depth knowledge of one or more of the ranges of flies offered by Fulling Mill (Trout, Salmon, Saltwater, Predator etc) and will understand the various styles of fishing best matched to the product in question. They will be proficient in the use of Excel.

Once appointed they will be asked to go through each fly pattern, made available via and excel spread sheet, and update the description to ensure our users gain the most knowledge about the fly they are viewing, such as where, when and how it is best fished and for which quarry.

All products already have detailed descriptions which we are looking to improve further upon.

Fulling Mill are offering £20.00 per hour for this task and understand that this should enable the right candidate to best describe circa 15 patterns.

Location is unimportant.
Roly is offering a fixed price of £20 per hour for this task
This is a job you can do from home , and it can take place any time while the job is open
Job opens on 22/09/2017 and the offer ends in 61 days.
Odd jobs

Posted by Steve K
Assembly Work
Specialist display, electronics and lighting engineering company based in Enfield, looking for enthusiastic people to assemble lighting fixtures. No previous experience or professional expertise required though evidence of being good with your hands and reliable will be welcomed. The work is based in Enfield and will pay up to £10 per hour depending on experience
Steve is offering up to £10 per hour for this task
Takes place at EN3 , and it can take place any time while the job is open
Job opens on 14/10/2017 and the offer ends in 31 days.
Handy People

Home Cleaning
Running errands
Technology troubleshooting
Assembling furniture
Garden Clearance
Hanging and Mounting screens or paintings
Mystery shopping
Online research
Personal training
Proofread and Edit
Planning applications
Set up a website or blog
Tourist guiding
Write a business plan
Write and distribute a press release

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