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Posted by Marcial B
Corporate fundraising support
Tour de Coast is a small UK charity that aims to promote economic development in coastal Britain. We need to raise some money from the corporate world, particularly from the retail, travel, hospitality, tourism and banking sectors to locate 100 sculptural way-markers around Britain's coast. The corporates would get great marketing in return. We need someone to find named people in 30-40 national firms whom we can contact. They would give us a few thousand pounds in return for positive publicity and support for a charity that helps coastal communities. You will need to have time to make phone calls to find the right person to talk to, and perhaps some persistence too. The only equipment you'll need is a phone and a computer. Experience of fundraising and of contacting senior people in the corporate world would be a real plus.
Marcial is asking blumers to suggest their own price and duration for this task
This is a task you can do from anywhere between 22/04/2018 and 31/07/2018 though dates are flexible
Task opens on 21/04/2018 and the offer ends in 15 days
Business support

Posted by dennis s
We have far too many packets and jars of everything! The result of being reluctant to throw things away for the last 20 years! We want someone to help us sort it out. We will brief the person on what we need. He or she will then sort out the contents of our many cupboards into 3 categories.. *stuff to be retained for our use *stuff to be taken to a food bank *stuff to be thrown away
dennis is asking blumers to suggest their own price for this task
Takes place in SW1, and it can take place any time while the task is open
Task opens on 15/04/2018 and the offer ends Today
Odd jobs

Posted by Blume A
Manage the Blume Twitter feed
We have so much that we want to tweet and so little time to do it in. And so we are looking for somebody who can compose compelling tweets and build the number of twitter followers we have. Initially we would like ten hours but it could be extended depending how it goes. We will pay up to £20 per hour. Location is unimportant.
Blume is offering up to £20 per hour for this task
This is a task you can do from anywhere, and it can take place any time while the task is open
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Managing social media

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Posted by Alexander on 01/05/2018

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We have an ageing population but not an ageing workforce. The chances of being employed decrease markedly for people over the age of fifty even though we are living longer, healthier lives than ever before.

Blume will change this landscape by generating fun, flexible and lucrative opportunities for older people, and by providing excellent, good value services to organisations and individuals.

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