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I'm looking for Blumers who can help with a Dog walking project

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Mark P
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From £11.50/hr
I retired from paid employment in 2011 with the NHS in Procurement. At first I wondered what I would do with my time but now I wonder where all my free time is! I volunteer with the local community-run shop, serving behind the counter and also dealing with the admin for the newspaper and magazine orders. I also volunteer with the local library, delivering books to an elderly housebound lady of 96! I write short stories mainly but am also trying to write a book. I play tennis, cycle and walk. My wife and I run a local board games session monthly and are members of a local U3A games group.
You can book Mark for Office Support, Online research, Proofread and Edit, Data entry, Mystery shopping, Setting up & synching computers and gadgets, Running errands, Dog walking, Decluttering, Organising, Long-distance check-ins, Companionship, Office work, Technology, Odd jobs, Formatting documents/resumes, Senior Support, Marketing and Comms
Steve P
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From £23.00/hr
I am a qualified, DBS checked, UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher. I enjoy helping others and will work with you to reach your fitness goal.
You can book Steve for Odd jobs, Personal training, Dog walking, Mystery shopping, Office work, Running errands, Long-distance check-ins, Organise wardrobe, Organising, Decluttering, Online research, In the garden, Proofread and Edit, Lawn mowing, Garden pampering
Marese G
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From £11.50/hr
As a versatile office admin person, my experience includes Invoicing, report writing, credit control, secretarial/ PA, proof-reading, reception, design forms, telephony etc. Now older and needing change, I can garden, paint walls, pack cupboards, clean premises, walk your dogs etc. I do drive. Read more
David G
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From £11.50/hr
I live on the border of North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and have been involved in community engagement and education all of my working life from the age of 19. I run my own business.
You can book David for Companionship, Personal training, Garden pampering, Garden Clearance, General gardening, Lawn mowing, Mystery shopping, Mentoring and coaching, Project management, Event planning, In the garden, Events, Odd jobs, Office work, Business Professionals, Running errands, Tourist guiding, Dog walking, Decluttering
David (Dave) R
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From £10.06/hr
Happily married, retired from range of professions, soldier, physiotherapist, HR manager, lecturer and childminder. Now a part-time carer and advocate for man with autism and epilepsy. Just general household diy skills (not a tradesman). Looking to keep busy, enjoy outdoors and walking. Thank you.
You can book David (Dave) for Odd jobs, Running errands, Dog walking, Long-distance check-ins, Personal training, Tourist guiding, Companionship, Decluttering, Handy People, Rubbish disposal, Office work
Stanley B
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From £9.49/hr
You can book Stanley for Dog walking, Odd jobs
Julian E
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From £11.50/hr
William B
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From £11.50/hr
I have been retired for 2 years. I have been an administrator for most of my working life, but miss the working environment. I am very sociable and enjoy meeting people. I enjoy gardening, amateur dramatics and tinkering with old aircraft. I welcome any odd jobs to keep myself busy.
You can book William for Lawn mowing, Garden Clearance, Garden pampering, Pack for a move, Rubbish disposal, Decluttering, Running errands, Dog walking, Office Support, In the garden, Office work, Odd jobs, Handy People
Tamar W
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From £11.50/hr
I previously worked in the NHS and social services, and now as a PhD researcher. I am keen to offer my research skills and experience working in health and social care. I am unable to do physical tasks, although I am keen to do dog walking (I use a powerchair), and any computer-based work.
You can book Tamar for Odd jobs, Office work, Mystery shopping, Online research, Proofread and Edit, Data entry, Dog walking, Running errands, Long-distance check-ins
Lynne P
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From £11.50/hr
You can book Lynne for Office work, Mystery shopping, Cleaning, Handy People, Odd jobs, General handyman, Assembling furniture, Running errands, Dog walking, Decluttering, Organising, Organise wardrobe, Long-distance check-ins