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Sean A
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About Sean

Assuming I live to 110, I am a middle-aged journalist, writer, horticulturalist and techie anorak. Qualities? Reliability, imagination, resourcefulness and amiability. Why Blume? Because it makes sense.
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Stuart M
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About Stuart

I am a retired Project Manager. I worked overseas for 25 years, building and equipping factories in beverage sector. I now volunteer at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and a local charity transport service. I am also a member of Men in Sheds.
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David G
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About David

I live on the border of North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and have been involved in community engagement and education all of my working life from the age of 19. I run my own business.
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Harry P
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About Harry

I am 68 years old fit active and require a little more money having no private pension, (previous divorce 26 years ago depleted the pension) I do hold a PSV and HGV license which is renewed yearly and on occasions drive a small coach for the Friendly Bus service (not paid).
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William B
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About William

I have been retired for 2 years. I have been an administrator for most of my working life, but miss the working environment. I am very sociable and enjoy meeting people. I enjoy gardening, amateur dramatics and tinkering with old aircraft. I welcome any odd jobs to keep myself busy.
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