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I'm looking for Blumers who can help with a Personal training project

Good news - we found 6 Blumers who are ready to help
Steve P
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From £40.25/hr
I am a qualified, DBS checked, UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher. I enjoy helping others and will work with you to reach your fitness goal.
You can book Steve for Odd jobs, Personal training, Dog walking, Mystery shopping, Office work, Running errands, Long-distance check-ins, Organise wardrobe, Organising, Decluttering, Online research, In the garden, Proofread and Edit, Lawn mowing, Garden pampering
Jessamy H
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From £23.00/hr
I am an experienced researcher, writer, as well as educator both at University level (PhD) and in the mind and body re-education system that is the Alexander Technique. I work in the culture and heritage sector as an associate archivist. I am bilingual: English and Spanish.
You can book Jessamy for Office work, Crafts and Hobbies, Teaching, Online research, Proofread and Edit, Data entry, Jewellery, Mentoring and coaching, Personal training, Languages, Music, Marketing and Comms
David G
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From £23.00/hr
I live on the border of North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and have been involved in community engagement and education all of my working life from the age of 19. I run my own business.
You can book David for Companionship, Personal training, Garden pampering, Garden Clearance, General gardening, Lawn mowing, Mystery shopping, Mentoring and coaching, Project management, Event planning, In the garden, Events, Odd jobs, Office work, Business Professionals, Running errands, Tourist guiding, Dog walking, Decluttering
David (Dave) R
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From £23.00/hr
Happily married, retired from range of professions, soldier, physiotherapist, HR manager, lecturer and childminder. Now a part-time carer and advocate for man with autism and epilepsy. Just general household diy skills (not a tradesman). Looking to keep busy, enjoy outdoors and walking. Thank you.
You can book David (Dave) for Odd jobs, Running errands, Dog walking, Long-distance check-ins, Personal training, Tourist guiding, Companionship, Decluttering, Handy People, Rubbish disposal, Office work
Debbie Q
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From £17.25/hr
I have worked as an administrator for best part of my working life. I am computer literate. I keep myself fit and have a can do attitude. I have joined Blume for the flexible and lucrative opportunities they can provide for older people like myself. I enjoy chatting and meeting new people.
You can book Debbie for Odd jobs, Events, Office work, Running errands, Long-distance check-ins, Personal training, Companionship, Data entry, Mystery shopping, Office Support