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I'm looking for Blumers who can help with a Programming project

Good news - we found 2 Blumers who are ready to help
Tony U
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From £34.50/hr
Lots of experience in IT and DIY and gardening. I'm a volunteer fundraiser for my son's activity club already and this is another channel for fund raising.
You can book Tony for Setting up & synching computers and gadgets, Technology troubleshooting, Help with social media, Computer and software tuition, Programming, General gardening, Lawn mowing, Assembling furniture, Painting and decorating, General handyman, In the garden, Technology, Handy People
Robert B
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From £34.50/hr
I have many years experience in managing an office. I have been building computers, programming and designing websites and networks since the days of the BBC Micro. Although living outside the UK I am available for UK based tasks within 50k of Surrey.
You can book Robert for Technology, Office work, Technology troubleshooting, Programming, Computer and software tuition, Marketing and Comms