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Six steps to hiring a blumer

So you want to hire a Blumer?

Great decision! Hiring online is the future of work, and using Blume is flexible and safe.

Thanks to our platform, finding the person you need for just about any job or task is easy using Blume.  

Blume makes the process even easier by being a marketplace of integrity, bringing together a diverse range of over-50s rich in knowledge and experience. We believe there’s a lot of untapped, reliable talent out there among Blumers who are ready to deliver the solutions you need.

Step 1: Think hard about what you want

  • Be very clear about what you need.  Don’t be the shopper who goes to the supermarket with a vague intention of buying oranges and ends up with special offer kumquats.
  • Consider your budget.
  • Work out the practical stuff: Is this a task that can be completed digitally, or do you need a Blumer to go to a certain place, possibly with certain equipment?
  • Consider your priorities: Is it cost? Quality? Timeliness?  Trustworthiness?  (or all the above)

Step 2: Let’s go shopping!

There are different ways of finding your Blumer.

  • Click on Book a Blumer, look at the task categories, and select the one that best matches what you are looking for. Then have a look at the Blumer profiles provided. To refine the Blumers offered, click on Show filter and choose accordingly.  If you find someone you like, you can evaluate their credentials and then click on Choose me to get in contact.
  • Write a concise but specific description of your task using the Blume format, post it, and allow Blumers to come to you.
  • If location is important, enter your postcode in the search bar on the home page to see immediately which Blumers are in, or near your area.

Step 3: Choose!

Each Blumer has a profile with details of their expertise and work experience. The profiles may include biographies, work samples and testimonials. Feel free to browse:  think of it as shopping for a freelancer. Put together a short list – as popular Blumers could be busy – and contact them to find out more about their suitability.

Step 4: Agree what you want done – and be fussy

This is a really important part of the process and worth investing time to get right. 

Don’t be squeamish about going back for details. A clear, precise agreement will save time in the long run. Carry out all discussions re the parameters of the task on the Blume platform, so everyone is fully formed in an easily accessible place.

Step 5: Work your pool of talent

When you have worked with a few Blumers, you will have access to a trusted group of freelancers. Fully briefed and aware of your expectations, you can turn to them fast when a task needs attention. Or refer them to others.

Step 6: Keep calm and Blume on. Even when things don’t go quite according to plan

Most Blume transactions go seamlessly. ‘Except,’ as Dr Seuss once said, ‘when they don’t, because sometimes they won’t.’

As in every realm of the working world, a particular job might not go according to plan.  If that happens, then Blume has a plan. First of all, your Blumer will not be paid until you are satisfied. As all discussions about the task are on the platform, the agreements can be reviewed. If necessary, we can initiate the Dispute Resolution Process which you can find in our terms of service.