Freelancers for charities

Guide to charging

How much should I charge?

It is up to you as long as you charge more than the UK Living Wage (currently £7.50 per hour). We suggest a default figure for each category but you will need to consider how much you are prepared to accept.  You will also need to cover your own travel costs for tasks that require travel.  If you are new to Blume then you may want a lower than average price in order to build a track record of positive reviews.

Do I have to stick to the hourly rate I've given?

No.  You can negotiate the price of every task with the buyer before agreeing to do it though obviously your buyer will be expecting it to be close to your advertised rate.   

Can I charge different rates for different tasks within one category?

Yes. On your tasks page you can click on 'Offer specific tasks' and set up a rate for different tasks.  This will enable you to charge a different rate for, say,  Garden Design than Garden Clearance.

Why can’t I charge less than the living wage?

There are two main reasons for this: first we want people to value the task you are completing for them. It means that both you and the buyer will take the task more seriously. Second, we do not want to create unfair competition for those who cannot afford to work for free.

Can I donate my earnings to charity?

Yes. You will be given the opportunity to donate all or part of your earnings to charity on your ‘My tasks’ page.

How much does Blume charge?

For tasks worth:

  • up to £50 (in total) we charge 15%
  • up to £250, we charge 10%
  • up to £500, we charge 7.5%
  • and anything over £500, we charge 5%

In addition there is a £1 transaction charge for every £50 spent.  

For example, if you were hired for five hours at a rate of £20 per hour, the total cost to the customer would be £114.50.  For the first £50 we would receive £7.50 (15%) and for the second £50 we would receive £5.  In addition there would be a £2 transaction charge. So in total you would receive £100, Blume would receive £12.50 and the financial process company would receive £2.  

Can I barter my services with another blumer? 

Not yet! But we are exploring this possibility. Please let us know how useful you would find it before we hurtle headlong into doing this.