Freelancers for charities



When it comes to pricing, we have three objectives: first, that charities get excellent value from our services, secondly that our Blumers are fairly paid and thirdly that we make enough to be sustainable.

We also aim to be transparent whilst keeping things simple - not always an easy balance to strike - so if you have any questions then please get in touch and we will be happy to answer them. 

Fee structure

  • For payments up to £2,500 we take a 15% fee
  • For the next £12,500 our fee goes down to 10%
  • And for anything beyond that our fee is 5%.
  • On top of this Stripe, our payment partner charges a fee – typically 1.4% - on every transaction.  
  • All these fees are included in the price you are quoted.  There are no add-ons.
  • This structure is dramatically cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies who will typically charge a flat rate of 15% and sometimes 20% for the entire contract.  For example, if you used a traditional agency to fill an interim role paying £30,000 p.a., it would cost you £4,500 at 15% or £6,000 at 20%.  Using our fee structure it would be £2,200 – more than 50% cheaper. 

Pricing FAQs

Can I pay a transfer fee to take the freelancer off the platform?  
Yes.  We negotiate the fees on a case by case basis but typically they will be calculated on the basis of 12 months fees minus 50% of whatever fees you have already paid. 

Does the discount apply pre contract or cumulatively?
Cumulatively.  If you, for example, hire a bookkeeper for £250 per month, the 10% discount will start to apply from month 11. 

Does the discount apply across all the Blumers I employ?
The discount applies to individual Blumers.  If you employ two Blumers you will receive the discount rate to them individually when they pass £2,500 individually not collectively.