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Six ways to spruce up your blume profile

Step 1: Think big

Take a few moments to think about the impression you want to create. Remember, you may have only 30 seconds to grab someone’s attention and convince them that you are worth considering. Make every second count.

Step 2: Focus

The joy of Blume is that you can offer all kinds of capabilities and mix it up. However - especially if you are new to the site – it may help to think about the most useful or valuable skills you have to offer. If you think of a profile as a news story, what is the headline? What are the most important facts, and what do readers really need to know? Lead with the best bits – this isn’t a CV, and no one probably cares what you did in secondary school.

Step 3: A sharper image

You may not think you’re being hired for your good looks, but in a competitive marketplace, your photograph needs to convey important information such as your friendly attitude, reliability and professionalism. If your skill set is in accounting, select an image that reinforces your competencies in this field. The pic where you’re dancing at a barbecue may be fun, but clients are looking for results, not guests for a party.

Step 4: Capitalise on feedback

Encourage clients to leave ratings and testimonials. When you do great work, and clients appreciate this, their comments will convince others to use your talents as well.

Step 5: Showcase your talents

Your profile is an opportunity to collate professional highlights in one place and show what you can do. Keep the profile url handy to send to all and sundry.  It is an easy, compact way of explaining exactly what you’re good at, with client testimonials to back it up.

Step 6: Review and refine

Keep your profile up to date, reflecting recent developments, achievements and feedback. This will assure clients that you take Bluming seriously, and help you get more mileage from your stunning accomplishments. Be meticulous with how the profile is assembled. Be ruthless with spelling and grammar. Ask friends or colleagues to read it and point out any errors that will diminish your credibility.