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Blumer Spotlight: Samantha Barber

With over a decade of leadership experience, we’re thrilled to introduce Samantha Barber, our spotlighted Blumer.

Samantha's career spans more than 12 years at the helm of prominent housing and health charities. In addition to her executive roles, she has shared her expertise with several charities as a trustee.

Sam is highly skilled at strategy, governance and crisis management! 

Samantha's Insights:

Reflecting on her roles, Samantha shares, "I enjoy working with charities as an interim because it allows me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in different communities and understand the challenges they face first-hand."

At JCT, a charity dedicated to supporting some of society's most vulnerable, Samantha notes, "The team are experts in their field and a joy to work with. My focus was on enhancing their fundraising, governance, and health and safety practices."

Her tenure at the Tuberous Sclerosis Association was particularly transformative. Samantha commented: "It was an unusual interim posting to share the CEO role with Louise, but it allowed us to leverage our strengths effectively. The synergy between us was palpable; 2+2 definitely made 5!"

Samantha's impact was also strongly felt at the Batten Disease Family Association, where she led a significant organisational restructuring: "During my time there, I not only helped the charity transition from deficit to surplus but also tackled crucial financial management issues, recruited new trustees, and secured interim funding for ground-breaking treatments."

Her role as Chair at Amber Housing during the pandemic was a testament to her leadership adaptability. Samantha reflects: "It was a period of intense change, requiring renegotiation with our parent charity, refreshing the board, and appointing a new CEO. This experience further deepened my understanding of the pivotal CEO-Chair relationship."

Sam concludes, "I understand the pressures of having too much to do with too little time. If you need a sounding board, another pair of eyes, an extra pair of hands, or an external perspective, I'm here to help."

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