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A blumer since 13/01/2018
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I can do this because ...

32 years in IT, skills ranging from technical (PC, networking, website management), support, marketing, website development using WordPress in particular, SEO and social media.


I can do this because ...

I have spent 20 years in IT sales & marketing of technical solutions. I am also very experienced in setting up websites, blogging (I am an author & frequent blogger) and use social media extensively.

Office support

I can do this because ...

As a self-published author I am very experienced in proof reading and editing, understanding of correct sentence structure, spelling and grammar, both for business and personal use. I am an experienced business researcher & report writer.

Online research

I can do this because ...

I have over 30 years in IT and am a very experience online researcher for marketing, business plans, fundraising, competitive analysis, etc.

Business plans

I can do this because ...

I have worked with over 100 local businesses advising on sales, market approaches and business development to improve sales and Internet presence.

Proofread and Edit

I can do this because ...

I am a self-published author, degree educated and have extensive experience of proof reading of proposals, tenders and marketing content.

Data entry

I can do this because ...

Methodical, good attention to detail and familiar with large number of computer systems, including salesforce.com, CRM packages, and SAP.

Mystery shopping

I can do this because ...

I am very experienced at website analysis including user experience analysis.

Set up a website or blog

I can do this because ...

I have 8 years' experience at website development, in particular Wordpress and some experience with Wix. I have set up and managed several of my own websites and blogs so understand issues and best practice.

Managing social media

I can do this because ...

I have been using social media for 8 years promoting business and personal ventures. With my marketing background I can find the best way through the maze as well as ensuring best keyword use.

Google analytics

I can do this because ...

I have connected every website I have built for the last 8 years to Google Analytics to manage the user experience as well as marketing campaigns. Used in conjunction with SEO best practice to optimise website value.


I can do this because ...

Experienced report writer for marketing and technical requirements, as well as provide content for business blogs as well as my own personal promotion as a self-published author with 9 books so far.


I can do this because ...

I design all my clients' websites, have many years' experience in marketing collateral production and logo design. I have over 30 years' experience in presentation production and have strong experience in graphics and MS Powerpoint.

Advice on buying computers and other technology

I can do this because ...

I have over 30 years' experience in IT technology and sales. I understand what a user wants and how to go about selecting the right technology at the right price.

Help with social media

I can do this because ...

I have many years' experience working with customers to set up and use to best effect appropriate social media platforms. I also promote my own business services as well as my own self-publishing.

Computer and software tuition

I can do this because ...

With over 30 years in IT, I am experience at both the writing of courses outlining how the Internet works, through to basic and more advanced use of computers at home and in the office.

My biography

I have spent the last 32 yrs in IT, covering everything from technology to sales. I currently build websites and manage SEO & social media at VERY competitive rates. I am also very reliable and always finish what I start.


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Blume A gave 5 out of 5 on 08/08/2018
Thanks David - very helpful, prompt and proactive as ever!
For a purchase (Office support)
Alexander S gave 5 out of 5 on 05/06/2018
David, was very responsive, thorough and professional in setting up my blog. He took the initiative in a number of areas and was excellent at explaining how it worked. Thank you!
For a purchase (Office support)
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