Carolyn O
A blumer since 15/05/2018
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I'm able to provide ...

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Office support


I can do this because ...

Experience in PR and working with corporate clients

Managing social media

Write and distribute a press release


Set up a website or blog

Proofread and Edit

I can do this because ...

Professional editor on national publications

Online research

I can do this because ...

Professional experience on national publications

Mystery shopping

I can do this because ...

Excellent eye for detail and former critic. Objective evaluation.

Formatting documents/resumes

I can do this because ...

Professional lay-out experience

My biography

Journalist who has been hammering away at this writing thing for many years. Former senior journalist at The Times. Experience in customer publishing and copywriting for multinational clients. Has a science degree and was once a theatre critic. Well-travelled and good at eating. Yep - versatile.
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