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For the last ten years, have been a Chief Executive and Director in various Third Sector organisations. I've been helping organisations of all sizes raise income, develop high-impact programmes, and build winning strategies for 20+ years, having started as a frontline worker. I craft funding bids and strategies that win (current 1:15 ROI); programmes that deliver; and engaging strategies that truly drive forward your mission. As a mentor and coach, there is very little I haven't seen (!) and I enjoy being the peer support who helps you achieve *your* goals as well as your charity's.
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Catherine S gave 5.0/5.0 on 16/03/2021
I booked a session with Alex to follow on from the brilliant workshop he did on managing workload. He has been so helpful, I can't recommend him enough. He was able to cut through a lot of the challenges I'm experiencing and broke them down into - what are the actual pressures here and how much is down to my own need for urgency? His insight and experience helped me to realise that I'm not alone and that other Directors/CEOs are experiencing or have experienced the same kinds to things. He's really helped me to gain some perspective, consider new strategies and perhaps also enabled me to not be quite so hard on myself.
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