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A blumer since 28/11/2018
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An experienced HR professional with over 25 years working across SME, Corporate and Charity Sectors. Expertise in ER, Reward, Leadership, Coaching, HR Operations, Recruitment and Training

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An experienced HR Professional with over 25 years working across Corporate, SME and Charity sectors. Specilaist industry expertise in Finance, B2B and Call Centres/ Customer Service. My HR Expertsie is broad across Employee Relations. Reward, Leadership Development, Coaching, Recruitment, and Training

Services I provide include:
General HR£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Managing the thinking, admin and/or interviewing
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
HR Policies
Developing proportionate HR policies which give peace of mind
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Employment law
Navigating employment law cheaply and wisely
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Disciplinary procedures
Navigating disciplinary procedures cheaply and wisely
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Employee compensation/benefits
Advising, supporting or managing the process
£47.00 p/hSend an enquiry
Advice on training needs and/or delivery of training
£47.00 p/hSend an enquiry
Coaching£52.75 p/hSend an enquiry
Developing an appraisal process, co-ordinating an existing one, or conducting appraisals
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Setting up or managing a payroll system
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
Advising on contracts or managing the contract process
£35.50 p/hSend an enquiry
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