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Benjamin L

I am a communications professional with over 5 years experience working in the charity/NGO sector, specialising in mobilising support for social and environmental justice issues, by growing, educating and inspiring national and global communities to take action. With a background in performing arts, awards for spoken word poetry, and a Masters in Writing for Stage and Screen, I approach communications with a creative flare – applying skills in weaving narratives to craft audience-centred copy, hard-hitting graphics, viral memes, and engaging video, with purpose and precision. I deliver high-quality communications campaigns to audiences of hundreds of thousands through social media, email and web — from strategy to execution to monitoring and evaluation. This includes building and maintaining web analytics, data dashboards and reports — to continuously tailor and improve performance through creative data-driven development. I can plan, craft and implement campaign actions that inspire action and ensure continual growth, to advance political education, strategic change and secure movement growth. I am passionate about social and environmental justice and have a demonstrable depth of political knowledge across a variety of complex thematic areas: from the injustices of the global trade, tax and debt system to the struggle for Palestinian liberation, from workers’ rights to climate policy. I am an expert in balancing nuance, accuracy and education, with inspiration, accessibility and impact.  Read more
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