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Felicia W

An interim CEO and Charity Consultant with extensive experience in the sector. Has led six UK charities across seven positions during periods of crisis, change and transformation. Brings a range of skills – including crisis management, strategic planning, financial overhaul, sustainability planning, team building and restructuring, culture change, and excellent analytical skills thanks to her legal qualifications – to help charities achieve their full potential. Felicia is a skilled and engaging facilitator, an expert in leading and implementing major organisational and governance reviews, and is highly skilled in supporting strategic plan development. Felicia has worked for 16 years in the UK charity sector, with 9 years in international criminal law, international development and human rights. An excellent strategic planner, Felicia has worked as an expert consultant to major organisations including the United Nations Development Programme, World Vision, UNICEF, the International Organization for Migration, and Addaction, as well as successfully delivering a wide range of consultancy support for charities of all sizes based in the UK. Read more
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